On October 1st, 2023, we will be joining our brothers & sisters at True Vine Ministries for Sunday morning worship. The service begins at 10:30am, and the address is 3701 N Spencer Rd, Spencer, OK 73084.

Archives for January 2021

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Priority on the Heart - Part 3


As we become more fluent in understanding and engaging our hearts, we will experience the continual touch of the Messiah....

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The Love of Truth Wins


Trying to maintain unity apart from a commitment to pursuing truth is destined to fail far worse than any division that comes while ignoring the pursuit of truth....

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Priority on the Heart - Part 2


Let's look at five principles to help us unpack our negative responses to difficult life circumstances....

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Calling Out To The Father


In the dead of night, we can call out to a Father who cares....

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Priority on the Heart - Part 1


The process of being continually touched by the Messiah is connected to our engagement with and proper acknowledgement of our heart conditions....

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The Weekly Holiday


Keeping a weekly Sabbath just might be the gift of grace we desperately need....

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What Obedience Teaches Us


God reveals himself to us through our obedience....

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