Who We Are

A church in Oklahoma City made up of several missional families. We believe that the best way to make disciples of Jesus is by exposing people to credible gospel communities.

At Crosstown, we emphasize 3 primary things that are key to our Christian discipleship: Gospel, Community, and Mission.



The gospel is the content of everything we do. The gospel is the good news of the work God did through Jesus on our behalf. The gospel is news to be proclaimed, believed, and received. All sin in our lives flows from an unbelief or wrong belief in who God is and what He has done. As a church we are learning to become a people who are fluent in the gospel so that we can proclaim it to one another and those outside of God’s Family.



Community is the context for everything we do. Faith in the gospel gives us a new identity, placing us into the family of God. Together we are learning what it means to live out that identity in the everyday rhythms of life. We believe that we cannot and will not grow spiritually apart from the family in which God has placed us. Learning to live as a family is messy and means that we will have plenty of opportunities to forgive and love one another.



The gospel changes our purpose in life, centering it on the purpose to which God has called us. We are sent by Jesus and empowered by the Spirit to make disciples who make disciples. Mission is the work of every member of God’s family. As a church we are learning how to be good missionaries by orienting our lives around the glory of God by making disciples of Jesus.

Affiliation:  While we affiliate with several churches and entities from various denominations, we are a self-governing, independent church. Our two primary affiliations are with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Acts 29 Network.


sbc_logo Affiliation with the SBC allows our church to participate in the largest missionary organization in the world. Through the SBC “Cooperative Program” we help support over 5,300 missionaries who are engaging more than 1,100 different people groups around the world.
Acts29 Our partnership with Acts 29 enables us impact our culture by planting more churches that are skilled at contextualizing the gospel while maintaining a solid theological perspective.