On October 1st, 2023, we will be joining our brothers & sisters at True Vine Ministries for Sunday morning worship. The service begins at 10:30am, and the address is 3701 N Spencer Rd, Spencer, OK 73084.

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Sharing the Gospel with Muslims


Reading the Bible and practicing prayer are key opportunities for sharing the gospel with Muslims. ...

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Preparing to Share the Gospel with Muslims


Sharing the gospel with Muslims takes time and effort, but our Lord is worth every bit of it....

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Important Teachings of the Quran


Some of the key doctrines of the Quran that conflict with the doctrine of the Bible....

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Islam and Christianity


Islam resembles Christianity in many parts while also denying some of its most important doctrines....

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The Quran


Muslims treat every copy of the Quran like Christians would treat Jesus....

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Allah or Yahweh


Do Christians and Muslims worship the same god?...

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Muhammad’s Succession and the Sunni/Shia Division


The division between Sunni and Shia Muslims dates back to the turmoil that followed Muhammad's death....

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Knowing Islam


Christians ought to be acquainted with the basics of Islam which is practiced by about a quarter of the world's population....

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The History of Muhammad and Islam


A brief history of Muhammad and other important figures in the early days of Islam....

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Muhammad’s Life, Battles, and Death


How the pious Muhammad became a military leader and established a Muslim state....

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