Missional Families


It is important to distinguish between who the church is and where and when the church meets. At Crosstown we firmly believe that church is not the place we gather or an event we attend. We are the church every day of the week as we live our lives together as Missional Families. If you want to discover what Crosstown is really like, then you need to spend some time with a Missional Family. Our Families are based more or less geographically and include singles, couples, and families.

Missional Families revolve around two things: Family – who we are in Christ; and Mission – what Jesus sent us to do. We are reorienting our normal, everyday lives around these two concepts. We are trying to live our ordinary lives with gospel intentionality.

We eat together, play together, work through God’s Story together, serve together, and celebrate together. There is not necessarily a set time that Families gather, although we do encourage them to eat a meal together at least once a week.

To find out more about Missional Families or to get connected to one, send us an email at info@crosstownokc.org.

Missional Family Leaders

Hefner Missional Family  Sierra Mashburn
Lakeside Missional Family  •  Jeremy and Jenni Stevens
North Trails Missional Family  Ryan and Bre Gifford
Classen Missional Family  •  Caleb and Kaitlyn Harrison
Westside Story Missional Family   Ryan and Amy Scott
Edmond Missional Family   Ben and Mindy Janssen