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Community in Christ


Community is defined as "a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common." And in today's society, we talk a lot about community. We long to be seen and known, to find people who share some characteristic or interest with us. We find joy in our work communities, our parenting communities, our (fill in the blank) hobby communities....

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Loving One Another


The greatest love we can show another is by leading them into a right relationship with God....

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Get Back to the Word


The remedy for your spiritual hunger is always the food of the Word of God....

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Our Faithful God


We boast in the faithfulness of our God who shepherds us through his word....

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Missional Families and a Vision for Gospel Saturation


What are Missional Families and why are they essential to the ministry of the local church?...

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Sin that Entangles


It takes diligence in tending to our spiritual health to keep the weeds from choking out the fruit....

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God’s Got You


The cross, and nothing else, is the greatest expression of God’s love and goodness to us....

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On Being Patriotic


Christians must prioritize the kingdom of God over every kingdom of this world although this will make them appear less patriotic in the eyes of the non-Christian world....

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God of Hope


God gives hope as we see how he has fulfilled his promises....

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He Must Increase


The purpose of our lives is to do all we can to put the attention on Christ....

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Free to Celebrate


Christians celebrate because of God’s work, not to escape from our work....

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