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Blissful Submission


If ever a better time, this life before me now.
How many riches to gain?
How many men to please?

Ambition and flesh commingle, speaking an exciting promise.
How much can I fit within this life?
Shall I follow my heart’s lead?

Intellect combines with envy, making savvy what is foolish.
Will my strategy bring happiness?
Will my achievements bring rest?

Returns of wealth and ease amass, calling into question what is true.
Why am I hungry for more?
Was vanity camouflaged as normality?

As I assess the world around,
It becomes clear what is determined to be;

Death and sorrow knock on every door,
This is life’s fallen guarantee;

But in each morning and night of searching,
A door is found with an attached key.

Considering all the damage done,
I notice He who gives sight and says “see!”

Alas, God’s promise returns true,
Pointing to Christ, whose calling is free.

Clinging to His unending treasure,
My rightful place is found in Thee.

An inheritance is offered from the throne,
Worth millions more than carnal glee;

Now the finest pursuits are revealed as hollow,
Compared to joy under His authority.

Earthly gains are summed as loss,
And time and space begin to flee;

My soul is now forever satisfied,
Knowing He called and ransomed me.

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