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With our new website comes this new resource, the Crosstown Blog. Yes, we are adding our voice to the nearly 30 million others who post at least monthly to a blog. Our aim is to update our blog at least twice a week (look for it on Tuesdays and Fridays), keeping the content here as fresh as we can. We know that blogging isn't easy, but there are at least two goals we have for providing this resource.

First, we want to give some of our members the opportunity to develop and use their writing skills. This will be a collaborative project. You'll hear from elders and deacons as well as other Crosstown members, and even from some of our Goers who are serving overseas. Some are really gifted writers. Others are becoming good writers, and the best way to learn to do this is to write, write, write. Putting your work out on the internet also helps sharpen writing skills. Even if no one else ever reads your post, the possibility that anyone can do so will inevitably help us work harder with our written words.

Second, blogging is a great platform available to those with the gift of teaching to serve the church outside of the weekly gathering. As such, the immediate aim of our blog is for our church. It is great to read the written work of those whom we know personally. So if no one outside of our church family is a regular reader, that's fine. Our blog doesn't have to have a wide audience for us to consider it a success. At the same time, it will be great if others outside our church family are encouraged and helped by what they read here.

Blogging is a great opportunity but also an important responsibility. We hope to steward it well.

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