Podcasts Worth Your Time

Every minute around the world there are almost 150,000 emails sent, 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, and 3.9 million Google searches conducted. Those are staggering numbers that remind us of the inexhaustible amount of content that is available for public consumption, just a click away. There are some real dangers to be concerned about with all this data for sure. At the same time, we can surely appreciate the informative article we came across online or the encouraging email we received from a friend or even the “how-to” video that helped us solve a problem. A YouTube video once helped me get my key unstuck from the ignition late at night at a hotel with a little magic maneuvering of the transmission. I was so relieved that it worked. Don’t know what I would have done otherwise.

I am especially thankful for podcasts. I listen to podcasts practically every day. My Bluetooth headphones are a staple to my wardrobe as I listen to podcasts while driving or exercising. Again there are a lot of different podcasts to listen to, but here are a few that have been the most helpful to me.


This is my absolute favorite. Rarely do I miss one of the weekly episodes. The format is a moderated debate, typically between a Christian and a non-Christian, on a wide range of topics. The debate format is, in my estimation, one of the most important ways to think about an issue since it is important to consider both sides of an argument before coming to settled conviction. This podcast is worth your time, whether you are a Christian or not.

The Briefing

This podcast is “a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview,” hosted by Al Mohler, the president of Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. I am grateful for Mohler’s keen insights on news coming from the world’s major news outlets. Listen to The Briefing and you’ll see that things are not always quite the way they seem at first sight.

Political Gabfest

The online daily news magazine, Slate, puts out a weekly podcast providing analysis of the political issues of our time. The hosts are not giving their analysis from a Christian perspective, but I have found this to be helpful in seeing how other people view the world.

There are several other podcasts I enjoy listening to. This American Life is consistently at the top of the podcast charts, and for good reason. But these are my top three (or four) right now.

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