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Not a Bird, Not a Flower



My husband and I are expecting our first baby in January. We have so much to do before then, not just to prepare for his arrival, but also for life and work and don’t even get me started on getting together a Christmas shopping list!

I would like to think that in general I’ve got my stuff together. It’s not often that I feel like I don’t have a pretty good grasp on my to do list and schedule or what needs to get done weeks from now. However, last week it all felt like a mess and something I couldn’t manage and I really wasn’t sure how to move forward. I’m here to report that I was really productive: I just cried about it for an hour to my husband.

Before I tell you how this story plays out and comes together, I would be remiss to not mention that in preparation for our baby we usually play different lullabies around the house in case that whole “babies can hear in the womb thing” is legit. One we’ve found we really like is Ellie Holcomb’s song “Do Not Worry.” My very favorite line of the song says,

So just look around you
And try to listen to the song creation sings
And don’t you worry ‘cause you’re in the hands
Of the God who made everything.

The entire song is referencing Matthew 6:25-34, reminding us that if all of creation is taken care of, why wouldn’t God do the same and all the more for us?

So cue back to a crying Bre telling her husband that she feels woefully underprepared and inadequate for the next ten weeks of life. My darling husband, in an attempt at light-heartedness, said to me, “Well, you don’t have petals or wings?” which are sweet words you’ll find from the song I mentioned. As silly as it was, it really did resonate with me. If we really did just stop and look all around us we would see that God has made his creation to keep on going despite different environments, weather, and human intervention. What I find even more beautiful in that imagery is that Psalm 8 tells us specifically that God sets us above all of his creation and cares for us more than anything else he has made.

Will these next several weeks of crazy-packed life be spent in the knowledge and truth that I do not in fact have petals or wings and am 100% cared for and nurtured by the Lord? Will I remember that I cannot add even one moment to my life span by worrying (Matt 6:27)? I’d like to think I will remember these truths. I do hope when those moments of fear creep in that I am able to look to creation and see that God is a promise keeper and has been ever since the Garden of Eden. I hope that these words from Matthew, the Psalms, and Ellie Holcomb will bring me back to what is true and very lovely indeed:

But there is good news;
You're worth so much more
To the God who made everything.

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