Here With Us: An Advent Poem


Four candles dark and purple,
One candle palest white,
Waiting in flickering anticipation of the coming weeks.

Week one—anticipation.
So often this first week of Advent hits hard on the heels of Thanksgiving,
Still in our turkey stupor we scramble to find the wreath itself and one candle to light.
Anticipation—the days darken but a light will come.
A brash ring clangs onto the table, waiting to be woven with pine sprigs.

Week two—preparation.
“Prepare the way of the Lord.”
“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
"Those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone.”
Week two finds us ready: tree up, candles accounted for, wreath decorated.

Week three is joy!
We are ready to celebrate.
Our Messiah is coming! He will come again in glory! He will triumph over evil!

Week four—God incarnate here to dwell.
O come, O come Emmanuel,
God pleased with us to dwell.

Four flickering candles around the ring.
Four flames as burning reminders.
Christ is coming.
The light of the world!

Glory to God and peace be on the earth.

One candle remains.
God with us here.
God pleased with us to dwell.

Christmas Eve sees that circle complete.
Our first candles have burned low, lighting the way.
The Christ candle burns bright.
Light of the world you stepped down into darkness.

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WOW Sarah that is so neat!!! Thanks for writing and sharing that!

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