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Unequally Evil


We find comfort in a God of mercy who punishes us infinitely less than our sins deserve....

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The Depths of Depravity


Sin discourages us from looking at its horrors closely....

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A Welcome from Jesus Christ


The only qualification for receiving a welcome from Jesus is to be in need of what he can supply....

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Antichrist Revealed


The antichrist just might be closer to you than you thought....

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Works and Faith - Part 3


Paul’s explanation of Spirit-filled living in Galatians ties together the paradoxical relationship between faith and works....

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Tempted By God?


God tests his people, but he never tempts them with evil....

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Works and Faith - Part 2


The purpose with which James wrote, compared to Paul’s emphasis on unity, leads to significant differences in how faith and works are discussed....

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Should I Receive the COVID vaccine?


If we decide to receive a vaccine, we should do so with gratitude to the Father and prayer that it would be beneficial and a blessing to our body for the sake of immunity, so that we may serve him and glorify him better, more, and longer....

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Works and Faith - Part 1


The writings of James and Paul share a common understanding that authentic faith comes from union with Christ and results in Spirit-filled living....

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The Land of the Living


Resurrection is the promise to reunite all that death has separated....

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